The Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Haunted houses are supposed to be scary, however, we want everyone to be able to visit and enjoy our haunt, so we have an adjustable scare level. Always remember daytime is always less scary than the dark nighttime. Also weekends tend to have a lot more live and active ghosts and ghouls. On the slow times during the days and nights we do have available the guided walk through with one of our builders/haunters, during this you can ask questions and take your time going through take pictures and maybe learn some of the secrets of how and when the ghosts and ghouls pop out.


Here are the scare levels:

MILD – Available only during the day. No live characters are in the haunt, everyone may have a “magic lantern”.


MEDIUM – Available during day (depending on available characters)  and nights and weekends. Live characters in the haunt and maze will wave and may speak and may stalk and creep a bit but no surprise scares from live characters. “magic lanterns” only available to youngsters.


HIGH -  Available nights and weekends.  Live characters will jump out, scream, stalk, creep, and everything in between to scare you. NO “magic lanterns” allowed.


“Magic Lanterns” -  are special magical lanterns that our live ghosts and ghouls will shy away from.  These “magic lanterns” will light your way in the darkest areas. Great for the more sensitive ones that want to come to our haunted world.


Now as a reminder our haunt is a NO TOUCH haunt. This means WE DON’T TOUCH YOU SO YOU DON’T TOUCH US!!! We have the strongest rule on this! This will keep our actors safe and our guests as well.  If this rule is broken you can and will be asked to exit the haunt.


Please visit the rules tab to see the entire list.

 Thank you and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call.