This is  a HAUNTED HOUSE , so be aware there is flashing lights, fog, loud noises, dark areas, ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

We do want everyone to have fun and be safe so we do HAVE RULES and they are meant to be followed so we can have a safe and fun environment for all of those who enter here. We put a lot of effort and our own blood, sweat and tears into this so please be RESPECTFUL and have fun.



1: Absolutely NO touching our actors.

2: Absolutely NO FLAME of any kind. NO smoking, NO lighters etc. in or around pumpkin patch/haunted house.

3: No lights other than the “magic lanterns” , keep CELLPHONES put away, they tend to go flying and get lost when people get scared and can hurt our actors.

4: No running

5: Keep on pathways. No climbing under or over fencing/walls

6: NO Touching, picking up or handling of PROPS/ DECORATIONS.

7: NO swearing please. This is a family place so remember little ears are everywhere.

8: Don’t pick pumpkins up by the stem.

9: No sitting, standing or throwing pumpkins please

10:  Service   Animals  only inside  gate.  All other animals outside of Gate please.

Thank  You

Have  Fun


  Rules of the Haunt.

The Haunted Pumpkin Patch